Security Awareness Training

Each day, systems are compromised through the weakest link of your organization -- the Human OS.  Cybercriminals take advantage of employees by exploiting their willingness to be...

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Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering is one of the most prominent methods fraudsters use to gain access to sensitive information. By manipulating those closest to the target—your employees—these...

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Vulnerability Assessments

Meeting the challenge of information security threats starts with an external threat assessment. Our external assessment service is designed to help find holes in your perimeter...

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Cybersecurity Education Simplified

Your organization is a prime target for cyber thieves.  They want the information stored within your network.  With one click of a mouse from a naive employee, your expensive investment of network security devices can become worthless.  Protect your organization by partnering with SiberWatch and feel confident your team will respond appropriately to cyber threats.


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